Crossfire Territory 500

Crossfire Territory 500
After almost 6 years we have an all new 500cc Territory 4X4. The Crossfire Territory 500cc ATV is a ground up new machine with a completely new engine EFI induction as well as a wider and bolder stand.

With many years of carburetion the Territory 500cc has made the leap to the smoothness and refinement of Fuel injection. In so no matter how cold the first start of the day or week. The Territory 500cc will fire up to life. The Fuel injection system will take care of everything as it monitors the temperature both of induction and exhaust to give refinement not seen in Crossfire mid size range.

Make no mistake this ATV is a workhorse with over size front and rear racks.

It has got some of the best loading capacities both for its carry ability and also for its tow ability (tow hitch is standard equipment).

You can depend on the Territory’s selectable 4 by 4 mechanism to give traction when needed and locking up the front differential when the going gets tough or maximum traction is needed. The CVT dual range gear box is one of the smoothest continuously variable gearboxes in class.

Most importantly the Crossfire Territory will do it all in comfort with its Independent front and Rear suspension – your back will thank you for your choice at the end of the day.

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