Crossfire Overlander 800

Crossfire Overlander 800
The Crossfire Overlander 800cc is like nothing else.

There are so many features that we don’t know where to start you or what should take precedent of importance.
So we will start with the engine which is why you are looking at the 800cc in the first place. The V-Twin DOHC 4 valve per cylinder Fuel injected power house is an unforgettable experience.

It is not the power but rather the confidence that you will not be left wanting. It is the confidence with which you will hitch up a trailer and do the day’s work, the confidence with which you load up the sprayer unit and do the day’s work.

It’s the weekends when you switch of the 4WD and have a bit of fun and remember what it is all about.

But let’s remember it’s not all about the engine. It’s about the comfort of the independent front and rear Suspension . It’s about the Factory fitted Electric power steering that will take the strain out of your arms all while having the ability to tow 400+Kg . It’s about a full size passenger seat with completely removable back rest.

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