Crossfire 800GT

Crossfire 800GT
The Crossfire 800GT is a workhorse like no other. The main driver behind the 800GT UTV is practicality.

The 800cc DOHV V-Twin engine is versatile powerful and willing to go. It is computer controlled so no matter high country or flats, 40C degrees or ice cold she will start, run and stop as it was intended.

With 800GT you get a bolstered bench seat configuration. It’s easier to get in and it’s easier to get out. It’s easier to hose down. It’s easier to fit more in as the space that would normally be waisted between driver and passenger is there to be used. The Perspex windscreen is now standard on the 800GT and is a two piece design allowing top half to be left behind if not needed.

Hydraulic tipper tray has got to be one of the more unique features not seen in UTV’s of this spec before. It’s a bush button system. So from inside the cabin the driver can empty the tray and bring it back up. The system has 2 hydraulic rams that do all the work giving it a class leading 454KG tray capacity.

The Crossfire 800GT tough abilities do not deter it from being a good looking work horse and in so the 14″ aluminium wheels are standard. The aluminium wheels are more than just for looks, they are stronger and always run true.

The drive train is Bullet proof thanks to the Dual range transmission coupled with an Automatic CVTech Trailbloc IBC transmission made in Canada. Its smooth engagement and perfect take offs means a day in the driver’s seat is an easy tasks.

It’s important to note that suspension is independent both front and rear. The dual A-Arm set up is connected to adjustable nitrogen filled shock absorbers. Not short on technology the simple aim is a comfortable ride with great clearance.

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