Crossfire 125ES

Crossfire 125ES
The CF125ES is the small wheel brother of the CF125L. Going back to the grass roots of Pit Bikes. The CF125ES is a bullet proof frame with a gen2 Lifan 125cc motor and CDI Large Valve Head. That’s what gives it the extra spark! The premium 26mm Mikuni carburettor was usually left for the most expensive machines but this year CF125ES receives this at no extra cost. The response is sharper the power is up and the response is unmatched by its rivals. What also makes this year’s Crossfire CF125ES truly special is its frame and suspension setup. The frame is wider than previous model yet retains the previous model’s weight and feel.

The new clutch and brake lever are spring-backed to reduce breakages during fall while reducing the overall weight.

Crossfire CF125ES runs on a 38mm Upside Down fork with a massive 180mm of travel which leads the way in ride comfort and durability. Suspension’s unique coating will ensure that seals will hold up to any terrain. The rear Oil filled shock absorber performs well and may be an overkill for some but we are not taking any chances. There are plenty of upgrades available such as DNM 300mm shock $139 and OKO carbs $149 but out of the box the bike is strong, reliable and will take the hits all day long.

Overall, the Crossfire CF125ES will give the “big boys” in the Japanese world a huge run for the money.

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