Crossfire 1000GTR

Crossfire 1000GTR
The Crossfire 1000GTR V-Twin 1000CC. Welcome to our world of Side By Side.

We like to start with all the things that others call options and we call standard. So here we go this is our standards list:

  1. EPS Electronic power steering
  2. Air/Oil reservoir adjustable suspension
  3. Dual A-arm full independent all round suspension
  4. EFI Fuel injection
  5. Bucket Seats
  6. CVTech CVT gear box (Made In Canada)
  7. Roof
  8. Front Windscreen
  9. 3500 pound winch
  10. Tow hitch

With the comfort of power steering the all new GTR is one of the most capable UTVs in the market. The newly developed 1000cc V-Twin engine will never leave you short on power and excitement while the EFI system is tuned for response.

The 1000GTR has 3 coolers for the system. 2 Oil coolers one of which is for the transmission the other for the motor. And a frontal radiator which all work in unison to keep you cool in the most challenging and testing conditions.

No matter what terrain you throw at your 1000GTR the Dual arm suspension with piggy back reservoir will work to provide comfort and handling. We call it level flight suspension set up. Crossfire’s head office has spent year and Hundreds of thousands of dollars re-defining handling of the UTV / SXS machines. With hours spent on the skid pan with training wheel intentionally trying to roll the Side by side the limit of suspension and tyre technology is tested to its limit.

The 1000GTR comes with limited edition multi spoke staggered aluminium wheels. While they are some of the best looking wheels for the UTV they were chosen for their strength and unique alloy.

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