Crossfire Bikes, ATVs & UTVs

Crossfire Bikes

About Crossfire Motorcycles:

Crossfire Motorcycles Pty Ltd was established in 2008 and has a solid background and experience in the Automotive industry. This insures stability and a long-term commitment to our customers.Our aim is to bring the best products with minimal compromise. We listen to our dealers and develop products in partnership – in so the products are dynamic and ever evolving. For these reasons, Crossfire is able to offer our clients machines that are specifically designed for the Australian environment at the most competitive prices.

Crossfire Bikes Range:

Crossfire CF70Crossfire CF110Crossfire CF125ESCrossfire CF140LCrossfire CF250Crossfire CF250LCrossfire CFR250

Crossfire UTV and Crossfire ATV range:

Crossfire Kanga 90Crossfire Kanga 110Crossfire Rover 125Crossfire Go-Kart 200Crossfire Mustang EVO 2Crossfire Avenger 110Crossfire Mustang EVO 3Crossfire Scout 250Crossfire X400Crossfire 250GTCrossfire Territory 500Crossfire 400GTCrossfire 500GTCrossfire Overlander 800Crossfire 800GTCrossfire 1000GTR